Update on "A Better Pasona"

On November 9, 2017, Oasis began its public engagement with Pasona to encourage the company to focus on increasing its medium to long-term corporate value. Out initiative was supported and appreciated by many stakeholders including shareholders and employees and was evidenced by the 57% stock price increase to January 2018. Unfortunately, Pasona has not executed on the Oasis plan and this has led to significant disappointment amongst shareholders and other stakeholders.

At the most recent AGM, shareholders expressed their dissatisfaction and in response Mr. Nambu (Group CEO) pledged to focus on profits. We applaud his comments but progress has been slow.

In light of this, Oasis is releasing an updated presentation (https://www.abetterpasona.com/s/Oasis-White-Paper-on-Pasona-Group-2168-JP-Oct-15-2018-English.pdf) as a reminder to Mr. Nambu and Pasona’s board of directors of what can and should be done.

Oasis believes the execution of the value-enhancement plan included in our presentation will increase the medium to long-term corporate value of Pasona and benefit all stakeholders. 

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