Oasis Proposal for "A Better Pasona"

Pasona Group Inc. (2168 JT Equity) is a pioneer of the Japanese staffing industry.

However, Pasona is one of the least profitable companies in the industry despite its long history, brand strength and scale.

As a result of its weak profitability, the company's stock price has under-performed industry peers over an extended period, even as the industry is enjoying strong growth including Pasona's own listed subsidiary, Benefit One Inc. (2412 JT Equity).

Poor profitability means a lack of stability, a lack of competitiveness, and a lack of sustainability on increasing scale.

This constitutes a material risk for every stakeholder including employees, customers, lenders, creditors and minority shareholders.

To help all stakeholders we propose our plan to realize "A Better Pasona".

Proposals on this website have been already delivered to Pasona's board. To date, we have not granted a meeting with Pasona's board members despite several requests for a meeting.

We will continue our effort to engage with Pasona's board members and hope to meet as soon as possible, in order to  build a collaborative, positive dialogue with the company to realize "A Better Pasona".