Oct-15-2018 - Oasis Updated White Paper on Pasona Group

Jan-25-2018 - Shareholder criticized Takenaka's Pasona on corporate governance... luxurious guest house and farm in central Tokyo

Dec-23-2017 - Pasona Group stock price hits record high almost daily backed by improvement in governance (Nikkei)

Dec-22-2017 - Hong Kong hedge fund called for review of board meeting minutes of Pasona group company (Nikkei)

Dec-22-2017 - Oasis calls for review of board meeting minutes amid concerns over Pasona's corporate governance and related party transactions

Dec-20-2017 - Pasona: Upward revision in guidance for 1H FY2018/5

Nov-27-2017 - Activist investor push Pasona corporate culture improvement (Nikkei)

Nov-20-2017 - Pasona: Activist investor made request to Nambu’s management (Toyo Keizai)

Nov-13-2017 - No rest for activist investors - mixed effects but have contributed to solid market (Nikkei)

Nov-13-2017 - Hong Kong-based activist fund ups pressure on Japan's Pasona (Nikkei Asian Review)

Nov-13-2017 - First white paper strategy in Japan – Oasis disclosed proposal to Pasona (Nihon Securities Journal) 

Nov-10-2017 - Hong Kong Hedge Fund Calls on Pasona to Shut Down Loss Making Business Led by CEO (Nikkei)

Nov-09-2017 - Hedge Fund Oasis Calls on Pasona to Improve Profitability (Bloomberg)

Nov-09-2017 - Statement by Oasis Management Company Ltd. on “A Better Pasona”

Nov-09-2017 - Hong Kong Hedge Fund Proposes Strategy Implementation Plan to Pasona Group (Nikkei)

Nov-09-2017 - Oasis White Paper on Pasona Group